Help identifying a transistor

Hello, I need help finding a replacement part for this transistor. It’s designated U1202 on an old Zenith Sentry 2 TV a friend has asked me to help repair for him. Thanks for any and all help.

The designator of “U” normally indicates the part is an integrated circuit not just a transistor. (transistor = “Q”)

From what I’ve found the “224” seems to ba a Zenith custom component part number prefix.


Thank you Paul, I’ve had no luck finding this part and am wondering if there is a suitable replacement that I could use. I just finished ordering each of the caps for this board and have been looking for a few other parts that have a bit of corrosion on them. If I am unable to replace it I will swap all the other parts and see if that’s all it needs to fire up again. I’m trying not to throw to much money at this, but the friend mentioned above is looking to use this TV in a retro space he is setting up.

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I haven’t found any information on the part.

I don’t know what the current prices are but, I’d be tempted to buy the Sams Photofact service manual for the TV. Given the 1991 date code in the photo, and how many mentions of the model come up in a Google search, I expect Sams published one for this TV model.

While a Sams Photofact virtually guarantees you’ll have enough technical details to get the TV working, the availability of suitable replacement parts is less certain.

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I may have found a source for this part. 224-105 | Zenith Electronic Corp Products Integrated Circuits (ICs) Integrated Circuits 224-105-ZEN | Component Electronics Inc. It appears to be a 45MHz saw filter. I know we always tried to repair the modules, but as time went on the modules became more of a ‘replaceable unit’ due to the custom parts and part availability.

For a true retro look, your friend should find a TV with t u b e s . . . .