Heater cable - di-icing

Hello there,
I am trying to repair my fridge freezer.
BOSCH freezer, defrost gutter
A soft heater cable:
22/12/08 90000 78053 120v 19W KOREL ???
multimeter tested no continuity.
(‘KOREL’ seems not a North American maker.)
Where can I get something to replace it and cost approximately?
I need about 11 feet.

Weclome to to the Technical Forum. I can say I do not see these on our website. I did not have a lot of luck on the Internet either. I would try an appliance repair business. Sorry. Did not find anything.

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Thanks Verna. Bosch Parts told me that they only sell the WHOLE assembly that costs about $250+. Although the original heater cable was made by Korel of Turkey, I am still hoping that some distributors would carry an equivalent cable.
I have seen online, someone sells a 220V 20watt one. Not sure if it will work under 110V.
Hoping for more advice from anyone. Thanks.