Hello, I want to know Can V15T22-CC300 replace BASIC SWITCH V15V15T22-CP200?

Hello, I want to know
Can V15T22-CC300 replace BASIC SWITCH V15V15T22-CP200?


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I’m assuming there’s a typo in the old part number.

The differences between the various part number configurations is shown via examples on page three of the data sheet.

Because Honeywell is using missing pieces (blanks) to designate some options, I find it handy to add underscores for the blank option sections to make reading the part configuration from the data sheet easier.

V15T22-C_P200___-__ (original part)

The original part is normally open (P) and the selected one is normally closed (C) so electrically they are opposites.

Also the selected replacement requires 50% more force to operate (300 vs. 200) so depending on the nature of the mechanical system that presses the switch it may or may not work.

AFAICT there is no stock anywhere of V15T series normally open switches.

Your best bet for finding an easy replacement is to buy it from the manufacturer of the device it is used in.

The alternative is to modify the device to use a slightly different switch from a different manufacturer. That is not an easy task and can pose an electrical & fire safety hazard if done poorly.


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PaulHutch is correct in this instance; we do not have any exact drop-in replacements for your existing switch. The closest possible alternative I can find is 480-3192-ND, but as Paul mentioned switching out a device in your system for a dissimilar part can be risky. Please investigate with care and make sure you’ve verified that any replacement switch you use is not going to cause issues in your system.