Help identify part by marking code

Hi, i need help identifying with marking 8220 & 2W16


The only information I found pointed to part number UCC28220QPWRQ1. Take a look and see if this is the one you are looking for.

Regretfully that package type is not a match.

TC8220K6-G seems like it might be worth considering.

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Did not work but looked close, matched the readings with the working ones, ended up bypassing three of the 64 burnt ones. Got the equipment up and running but the quality of result has been compromised

Hi @pikachu11 ,
If a MOSFET got fried, it most likely caused damage to the diodes at the Drain as well. You may need to replace the diodes too to restore the functionality (Marked A7, SOT23 package), the type is BAV99.

Cheers, heke

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