Help identify the manfacture of this connector. @m symbol

I’m trying to identify who the manufacture of this connector. I’m trying to identify the @ looking symbol.


Looks a lot like the ST Micro logo to me, though I can’t say that makes much sense given that ST’s more of a semiconductor shop than a connector supplier.


Thanks, I’ll look them up.

I don’t know if this helps but I keep finding these connectors on old Sony home stereo components made in the 1990’s.

I’ll add this also. The symbol looks like the @ with the letter m in the middle.

I am not able to locate the logo but when enlarged it looks like a “D” in the background with an “ST” on top of the “D” inside a square with rounded lower corners

unknown logo sketch

Please excuse my paint skills. This is what I am seeing it looks like and @ symbol with the M inside. I’ll try to get some better pictures.

Hi Tom,

Please kindly post more images to solve the riddle.

So far could propose 3 answers:
1: The logo is “ST”, and suggesting that it is stamped by the cable harness provider Sumitomo (industries).
2. It could be a short form of “Molex”, whose official logo also has a circle around the (full) name.
3. It’s made by Hirose (90 deg rotated hiragana “hi”).

Are there any other markings on the connector?

Heke, Asamalab

Sorry for the delay folks. I got to many irons in the fire. Here is a better picture.

Hi Tom,

The new picture helps a bit further.
The cable is likely from Wonderful Hi-Tech group, who do also cable harnessing
(for example for Sony, as you mentioned in other post).
The connector, however, is probably from other maker. I wonder, do you have pictures from other angles to view the connector better?

Heke, AsamaLab

Sorry for completely ghosting on everyone. I now have one of these cables in hand so I can provide a lot more pictures. Hopefully I can get something posted tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the help so far.

I’m back with photos.

Here are some more of the logo.