Help identifying ecu diode?

Hi guys I’m looking for help identifying these blue diodes on my cars ecu I have no reference besides this picture any help would be great I’m trying to find replacements for the six blue diodes below I can read them but can’t figure out exact details for replacement

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum plumbernick413.
With the board numbers for these like R114, R113,… I would say they are resistors.
If they were diodes, the number should be something like D114, D113.
The 820 could be 82 ohms or 820 ohms. If any are in good condition, you should remove one and test the resistance.
The 1W should be for 1 watt of power. The J should be for 5% tolerance.

Ahh yes sorry resistors, I will try ohm testing any idea what the 18 stands for I see 1w820j. ‘18

Thanks for helping. These resistors are what I believe are injector drivers I’ve searched far and wide for the info regarding what part of the board is for the injectors closest I’ve come is these resistors . The injectors are low impedance. Unless I’m mistaken

18 is the date code would be my guess.