Help identifying this Diode

Can anyone help identify this diode?? Or an equivalent that I can use as a replacement


Hi marc.salter01,

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That’s a good image. To help further, do you think you could give approximate dimensions for the part?

Hi David, thanks for getting back to me. Rough dimensions at 4mm by 2mm the board is an ECU for a Vauxhall Corsa d

Lines on the rule are half a mm

OK, Most likely an “SMA” (a.k.a. DO-214AC) package. First thought is a TVS type diode, but not too sure about that. I don’t recognize the logo. Perhaps someone else here might.

Any guess on your part whether it’s a standard type diode vs. a TVS? If you take another image zoomed out a bit more to try to see what it might be doing in the circuit, that might possibly help.

Are there a number of them on the board? Your last image appears to be a different location on the board, as the capacitor shown in image 2 isn’t there.

Three in the board in total 2 need replacing first image is of the good one.

OK, found it. It’s a Fagor FS1G.

From the datasheet:


Comparing those specs to what we carry, I’d say the S1GHE3_A/I is a pretty good match, based on it’s datasheet specs.



Thank you so much for your help in this, should have this ECU up and running again by the weekend.

No problem. Make note that a dead diode or two is often an indication of other problems on the board. Check everything carefully.