Help identifying SOT23 components

This circuit is from an amplifier protection PCB, the inputs come from an icepower 125asx2 which is from left to right thermal monitoring, overcurrent monitoring and enable. Each pin will be 5v under working conditions or pulled low otherwise. I need help identifying the SOT23 components. There is one labeled DG, 1H and LG.


Thank you for your inquiry.

Your LG marking could possibly be
L is the part marking and G is the Hfe gain ranking for for GR in the part number.

I’m seeing a few transistors around with 1H for a part marking, including obsolete MMBTA05 and in stock PN: BC847W,115

It would be best to try to contact Icepower to see if they would provide you with the associated part numbers to verify.

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Unfortunately, ice power is really tight lipped about their products. Do you have any ideas of what DG might be? Thank you for the help!