Help me find: Unmated IP67 USB-C Connector

Hi all,

I’m looking for a USB-C Connector that is IP67 (dust tight, waterproof) rated when UNMATED.

I’ve seen several options on the DigiKey site (i.e. IP67 USB Type-C Receptacles - Kycon | DigiKey) that are IP67 rated, but how do I know if this is when unmated vs. mated?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Welcome to TechForum. These do have a seal with them, but I do not think any would be actually IP67 without being mated or a dust/water cap or cover on them. Glenda

It’s a thing that requires a bit of critical thinking with regard to the context with which the IP rating is likely being invoked. A fan such as the W3G300-BV25-21 lists with an IP 69 rating, indicating resistance to dust and liquid ingress under water jet conditions. Yet, it’s a 1/2 horsepower unit with fairly large grill openings that a person could probably manage to get a finger through, to say nothing about dust or water… The IP rating applies to the device’s internal electronics, not the rotor assembly itself.

Similarly, the connector mentioned appears to come with a small gasket that would allow it (with no small amount of care) to be fitted into an opening in an enclosure wall and provide an externally-accessible port that limits ingress into the enclosure in which it’s mounted.

The connector itself however, will obviously remain exposed to whatever environmental goop is flying around and remain unprotected. If it’s the connector function itself that one cares about, it’s nigh impossible to achieve an IP6x rating without use of a mating connector, cover plug, or outer cover of some other form, by simple definition.


Hi Rick,

Thanks for your response. This was very helpful!