Help needed: rare replacement capacitor search

Hello all,

I am searching for pencil shape style capacitor with the following requirements :

A. 16mm diameter or smaller
B. Contacts (snap in or solder lead) on same end
C. 350 Volt or higher
D. Approximately 370uF to 400uF

If this is something you stock or can manufacture please contact me. I look forward to discussing further. I have been looking for days…pic of the original is available if I can figure out how to attach here. It’s an old Hitachi model.

Thanks in advance for reading my post.

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Sadly after a quick search, i see nothing smaller then 22mm in diameter…µF|2049%2Cmu374µF|2049%2Cmu375µF|2049%2Cmu378µF|2049%2Cmu380µF|2049%2Cmu390µF|2049%2Cmu400µF|2049%2Cffe0003a%2Cmu350V|2079%2Cmu400V|2079%2Cmu420V|2079%2Cmu450V|2079%2Cmu475V|2079%2Cmu500V|2079&quantity=&ColumnSort=0&page=1&pageSize=100

How much extra board/box space do you have in this product?


Hi Robert,
Thanks for the quick reply!

I thought I saw a Digikey product at 18mm/220uF/350v…I’ll need to double check at Digikey if my “world search” turns up empty.

If I can get some manufactured (in bulk) I’ll dip my foot into camera repair service offerings. I’m like a dog on a bone with this. Haha!

The search continues.

Kindest regards,

Your best bet may be to contact Hitachi directly or the manufacturer of the device (camera flash unit?) to see about getting some parts. A custom made electrolytic capacitor usually will have a 10,000 or more piece minimum order quantity.

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your reply!

I’ve got mail out to Hitachi.

I’m also planning to get some optional (off the shelf) capacitors with acceptable parameters for testing in camera.

10,000 unit opening order? I’ll have to open up a camera shop. Ha!

Thanks all for your interest and help on this. I’ll be sure to update as this saga unfolds.

Kind regards from Toronto Canada and Happy Holidays!

That seems to be a rather uncommon set of values. Suitable sizes of shrink tube might be useful in assembling lower-capacitance devices in parallel as a workaround, if something more suitable isn’t conveniently available.

Hi Rick,

Thanks for your reply and suggestion. If there is a possible alternative solution I would really like to hear more about it.

I was starting to consider mounting an awkward size capacitor in a seperate build box on the outside of the camera casing. Not the ideal scenario. The internal parking space that’s available is a tube of diameter 17mm.

Please contact me with any tips on shrink wrapping capacitors in link and working within this confined space.

Best regards.