Help needed to find replacement reed relay

I’m repairing a pre-amp and the relay that make contact with the rca output is defective. I assume it’s a reed relay, the service manual doesn’t give any information on it except that it’s a 12V/DPST. It’s a 6 pins unit and it’s configured like this:
1 2 3 4

5 6 

The coil must be on pins 1 and 4 the contact must be on pins 2-5 and 3-6 it’s a phase linear 4000 serie 2 if that help. I want to modify it or change the pinout if possible. The coil is open on the one I have. It’s used to have a delay (different circuit) so it doesn’t make a loud thump when powered up. Thank you for your help. I never had something like this to fix before with so little information. The part isn’t even listed in the manual. It just said “relay” 12V/2 on it. I assume it’s a reed relay because it’s a sealed/encased unit.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well I am not seeing what you are describing though the pins could be labled as something different on another brand. You can look at this link:

The data sheets have multiple configurations and you could see what might match up to what you have…

Thank you. I will try to look it up. I actually found a series that have the right specs. It’s the coto 7102-12. But I don’t know what parts number will have the same pinout as need the same end coil and it’s not specified, or at least, I didn’t see it anywhere.

Do you have an image or two of the relay in question that you could post here? That can often help in narrowing down the options.

The side with 4 pins, the first pin and the last one are the coil, the second and third close with the 2 other on the other side. Please note that english isn't my language.

I took a look for a similar reed relay but was unable to find one that matches the function of this part in our system.

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That’s what I thought. I’ve searched alot for it. I will have to reroute the connectors. Thanks you for your help.

Hi xminusone1,

I agree that that looks like a reed relay and that the Coto 7102 series looks very similar. You would have to verify the pinout and dimensions, but it looks like the most likely match is the 7102-12-1100.

Here’s the pinout for that relay:


The dimensions are as follows:

Note that there are actually 4 pins on each end with 0.1" spacing (2.54mm). Pin 8 is not internally connected and pin “E” is connected to the external shield of the relay and meant to help reduce external electrical noise from entering the device. You would not have to use either of these pins.

If the dimensions or pinout are not right, then the only other thing I could suggest is to solder wires from the relay pins to the appropriate holes in your circuit board.

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Thanks you so much. I’ve seen the data sheet for the series but the last number isn’t referred to. It’s only A or B. That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

The part was ordered by dec. 28 and it worked just fine. It was almost a drop in replacement. It had 4 pin on one side and 2 on the other. The device (a phase linear 4000 series II preamplifier) and it operates very well and quietly. Thank you for your help. It’s very rare to have to change such part. I mostly repairs high end audio equipment and in 25 years, I never had to change such part. The client was very happy.