Help with a raspbery Pi voice activated project

Can anyone help me for a project. I need an in depth, step-by-step, procedure on how to do this project. I get some of it, but some instruction is just beyond my comprehension.

general question would be

How and what part of the atx psu, specifically, what cord will be cut off in order to be pinned into the breadboard? and in the software part, how is the code imprinted into the pi?

@arsenio_4112, to be safe, i recommend you to use Seeed’s ATX BreakOut Board for this project:

As for the code blocks, there are multiple ways of getting that into the PI, one of the most common ways is to either use the PI’s desktop environment, or to ssh in and edit the files.


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hi, thank you for the reply!

would a dell n220p-01 power supply work for the project? and if so, how can it power up the pi?
and would the coding through the python app on the pi work in executing the function to the components and lock?

again, thank you for the advice, and reply

@arsenio_4112, Dell usually uses custom power supplies, as long as it has the proper 24 pin ATX connector then it would work with that adapter…

In the project, they are powering the PI with 5volts thru the expansion header.


In the python example, they are using GPIO 4, to directly toggle the solenoid which triggers the locking mechanism.


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would this be able to work?

and can such function be possible to work through even if the code is executed through a coding program in the pi and not through ssh?

@arsenio_4112, from your picture, you have a 24pin connector plus 4, so it’s more then likely the 24-pin ATX12V 2.x power supply connector. BUT verify from the “color” table shown here: ATX - Wikipedia

Whether you are logged into the PI’s desktop or thru ssh, you are still physically running the python script “on” the PI… Either way, you need to run the python script on the PI.


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thank you so much!

by the way, with regards from the prototype, will a standard mic included in some earphones be enough to give the function of ‘recording’ or ‘analyzing’ the voice activation function?

@arsenio_4112, we have this adapter from Adafruit, that will allow you to use a standard mic/headphone:

Based on the datasheet it works out of the box with the PI


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