Help with identifying connectord

Hello Everyone!

I have a harness that I’m trying to repair from an arcade machine from 1986.

It uses WM19397-ND connectors. However, instead of direct wiring they are using a type of header/jumper pin connector to connect two of these together.

Tried searching through all of the headers and jumpers but can’t find anything that matches exactly. The pins on both side of the insulator are at the exact same thing. None of the ones I’ve found are exact same thing.

I’ve done my best taking measurements and did a mockup in photoshop of the item. First image attached.

Additional Notes: It does appear that one end has been cut with snips. So there may be more positions in the original part.

Hopefully my images can be useful in helping me locate the correct part.

Thanks in advance!

The closest thing I’m seeing you would have to force the pins further into the insulation because they are too long on one side: 0026584102 Molex | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

You could also remove the pins and insert them without the insulation.

Otherwise, for overall length if you just hacked the pins out of the insulation on this connector, PN: WM22784-ND, overall length is 26.16mm

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