High non-switching DC electrical specifications

Hello. I am looking for a switch that has at least 500VDC and 6A non-switching capability. It does not need much, or any, electrical capability for switching as there will be no power during that time.

It can be toggle or rotary, either will work. Any advice?


The nameplate voltage ratings on switches derive from the assumption that they’ll be used to interrupt a live circuit. If it can be assured that this will not occur, more obscure specifications describing the off-state voltage tolerance would apply; these might be described as a dielectric withstand rating, insulation resistance, or something else, or not even mentioned because the number is invariably higher than the switching voltage rating that is usually the item of interest.

I’d look for something sizable and rated at the very least for the 6A current mentioned; larger switches tend to have larger internal clearances. Note also that while there are a lot of devices available that will “work,” any regulatory/safety authorities that have jurisdiction in the matter might take exception to off-label use of the sort.