Need help identifying switch

Hello, I am unable to find anything via google searches, hoping someone can help me identify this switch so I can order a new one.

In my photo it’s SW2 where the finger tab has broken off. This is the daughter board of a Polk DC car amplifier.

I’m attaching photos of the top and bottom solder points. Can anyone help?

Thanks for taking a look.

Hi sadler_david,

Welcome to the Tech Forum.

Difficult to say for sure, but it looks quite similar to this guy: EG2219

Check page 10 of the datasheet for more dimensional detail. Note this is a 2-position double pole double throw type switch.

If that’s not right, take a look through the parts here for other possibilities.

Thank you kindly for the advice and links! Looks like a perfect match. Any guidance on identifying the correct voltage - the one you recommended should be adequate. More for curiosity sake on my part.



Hi David,

I’m not certain I understand your question. This part is rated for 15V and 500mA. There is no way for me to know for certain the voltage present on your circuit board or the rating of the specific switch on your board, but you might be able to measure the board voltage with a multimeter yourself.

As a general rule, the voltage at any point on most circuit boards never exceeds the voltage of the power source (presumably the car battery, in your case). However, there are particular circuits which can boost a voltage up higher than the supply voltage of a given board, so one cannot take this as an “always true” statement. In this particular case, I would be very surprised if it ever exceeded about 14.5V, the maximum normal operating voltage of a “12V” system while the car is running.

Thanks for the guidance. I was wi seeing if there was a place in my board or switch that Would identify the voltage. You answered that. Appreciate all the help!