HIgh Voltage Diode


I’m looking for a high voltage diode CL01-12 RG704.

Did the test with 9volt battery, switching the leads let the current go through both sides. I believe thats what messing my microwave


A diode that passes current more or less equally in both directions is certainly not doing its job… From what I can tell, the CL01-12 part number refers to a 12kV/350mA diode suitable for line-frequency rectification. Such would be a reasonable thing to find in an older microwave oven.

Unfortunately such products are not especially common, and we’ve nothing currently in stock that would appear comparable or a reasonable drop-in alternative. This said, a half-dozen GP02-40-E3/54GICT-ND might be pressed into service as such, configured as two parallel strings of 3 in series. 'tis a somewhat sketchy and less-than-favorable alternative, but for under $5 it might be worth a try. Note that a diode failure may precipitate other problems such as a burnt-out transformer, open fuses, or such that may be less than obvious.

Also, note that repair of high-voltage equipment such as a microwave oven is not without risk to safety; any advice or suggestions offered here are without guarantee and to be taken at one’s own risk.