Hello, Need to find this terminal ASAP please. Only information I have is from the manual. Please advise!

Hello jcarvajal, welcome to the Forum community. I’m sorry, we do not carry the manufacturer, Spectralux, so we do not have the part number you are looking for. I’m sorry we weren’t able to help you with this request!

Do you have anything similar I could purchase? Does not have to be spectralux specifically.

We do have turrets, however without the dimensions it may be difficult for you to choose one that will work for you. These are the stocking options we have.

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It appears Staffall Inc. bought USECO

Their web site may have the part or a cross reference to a Staffall part number.


Thank you Paul

Hi Jenny,

I got this picture of the dimensions and highlighted the one we need. Could you provide options for this one please?

Hello jcarvajal: Thank you for providing the drawing! We don’t have an exact match to that part. This is the closest I found: 952-2830-ND although it may not be close enough for you to use. You can take a look at the dimensions to see if this would be suitable for your application.

The closest option I was able to locate is 36-1562-1-ND.

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