How can I prevent solder flux intrusion?


How can I prevent solder flux intrusion?



Solder flux intrusion is likely to occur when the soldering conditions differ from recommendations, such as excessive solder and improper soldering time. There are different recommended conditions for automatic soldering, hand soldering, and reflow soldering. Please perform soldering according to conditions for each.



Shown below are soldering conditions (solder temperature, soldering time) for Omron DIP switches. Note that the conditions differ depending on the model and the type.


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Omron DIP switches A6TN and A6SN have the knife edge mechanism (structure that pierces moving contacts into fixed contacts) that allows the contacts to penetrate the flux film even if flux adheres to the contacts. A6D/A6DR and A6A have the sealed structure that is designed to be resistant to flux intrusion.

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