How can i run AGX Xavier H01 Dev Kit with Auvedia J20 CSI camera adapter

I want to use imx477 rpi hq camera with Jetson AGX Xavier H01 Dev Kit. Otherwise, HQ Camera is csi camera. AGX Xavier does not support csi port. Then, I resourced the solution and I found csi camera adapter. this is Auvedia J20 adapter.
J20 – Auvidea (This is the official product website.)

This product supports TX1, TX2 officially. Also, support jetson nano, xavier nx and AGX orin due to driver and device tree of third party company (RidgeRun). not AGX Xavier.

I have to run this camera with this adapter on AGX Xavier. There is no way. I found some example on forums about this topic. And there is a way to run. But I’m not experienced enough about it. I need to define these products(camera and adapter) as a .dts file and programming driver. I need to .dts files of these products and also I have to flash the jetson and update the kernel or something for defining the products. Maybe there is a different this step because when I setup the jetpack, I didn’t set up official nvidia way either seeed technology way. (I bought thanks to digi-key)

If you know about this subject, please contact me or if you know expert about this topic, please mention about this topic.

You can check this website, if you interest


I think it’s better to contact RidgeRun customer support team or user community.

To run an AGX Xavier H01 Dev Kit with an Auvedia J20 CSI camera adapter, you will need to follow these general steps:

  1. Set up the AGX Xavier H01 Dev Kit:
  • Connect the power supply and ensure the device is powered on.
  • Connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the available ports.
  • Set up the network connection if needed.
  1. Install the necessary software:
  • Install the NVIDIA JetPack SDK on the AGX Xavier H01 Dev Kit. JetPack includes the required drivers, libraries, and tools for working with the device.
  • Follow the installation instructions provided by NVIDIA to ensure a successful installation.
  1. Connect and configure the Auvedia J20 CSI camera adapter:
  • Connect the Auvedia J20 CSI camera adapter to the CSI port on the AGX Xavier H01 Dev Kit.
  • Ensure that the camera adapter is securely connected and positioned correctly.
  • Consult the documentation provided by Auvedia for any specific setup or configuration steps required for their adapter.
  1. Verify camera detection:
  • Once the camera adapter is connected, you need to verify that the AGX Xavier H01 Dev Kit detects the camera.
  • Open a terminal or SSH into the AGX Xavier H01 Dev Kit.
  • Use the appropriate command or tool to check for the presence of the camera, such as v4l2-ctl, lsusb, or ls /dev/video*.
  • If the camera is detected, you should see relevant information or device nodes indicating its presence.
  1. Develop or integrate camera functionality:
  • With the camera detected, you can now develop or integrate camera functionality into your application.
  • Consult the documentation provided by Auvedia for any specific APIs or libraries available for interacting with their camera adapter.
  • Utilize the appropriate tools and libraries, such as OpenCV or GStreamer, to access and process the camera feed on the AGX Xavier H01 Dev Kit.

It’s important to note that the exact steps and requirements may vary depending on the specific camera adapter and software stack you are using. Therefore, it’s recommended to consult the documentation provided by Auvedia and NVIDIA for detailed instructions and any specific considerations when working with their respective products.