How do I change DPDT to 2 SPST?

How do I change a DPDT On/Off/On to two single momentary switches? I’ve built a dumb waiter using a Harbor Freight 120v hoist. I want to be able to call it from upstairs or down. I have limit switches, and momentary switches.

This is the schematic of the factory wiring and remote switch. I want to eliminate the remote switch and replace with 2 SPST switches, one for up, and one for down.

This is a schematic of the switching that I have and what I’m thinking of doing. I realize that there would be back feeding of the switch if both up’s or down’s were pushed at the same time, but that wouldn’t be am issue. Looking for some advise.


Hi ScottK,

Thank you for your inquiry. A DPDT switch will contain two SPDT (or SPST) switches.
See below for TechForum reference:

If you are looking for motor reversal advice, see below TechForum post:

There is a start capacitor in this set up. Would it be bad to wire this in a configuration where this is always hot? Currently it’s charged when you hit the switch, then dissipates off.

Unfortunately I don’t know enough about the circuit. Typically if a switch(es) are wired exactly how they are wired now to new switches that are just remotely connected, they should function the same other than the backfeeding you talk about.

Any two of below DPDT switches (MOM-OFF-MOM) could possibly be wired in parallel in place of one DPDT switch as long as they aren’t actuated at the same time, this way the raise and lower functions are accessible in two separate locations. Please review specifications in the datasheet before ordering and whether or not this setup will work for your application.