How to hook up wires to the panel mount capacitor


Can some one tell me how to wire the panel mount variable capacitor?


Per page three of he Data Sheet
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you will need a 0.3" hole in the panel. Remove the threaded collar leaving the hex nut. Place in the panel hole, replace the collar and tighten up the hex nut. This is assuming that that the panel is used as one of the conductors. If your panel is plastic or other non conductor, then a ring terminal such as Digi-Key part number WM13682-ND
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will be needed to be installed between the hex nut and the panel and that is connected to the second wire.

Thank you for your reply.

I know how to install the capacitor on an instrument panel. Just not clear how to wire it. The case is 12"X12"X3", If the panel is used as one lead, will the instrument case gives a high capacitance to my circuit? It is a variable capacitor with 0.6-6 pF, will the capacitance of the case have a negative influence on the performance (e.g. temperature coefficient) of the variable capacitor.