Reconnecting to a JukeBox

This post is regarding trying to reconnect the the brains of a jukebox and finding the appropriate connectors for it.

We are looking for the connectors that need the 2, 3, 4 and 6 position connectors.

They appear to have a pitch of 2.54mm or 0.100"

Here is a link to some options that we have for the 2 through 6 position -

The main differences in the options we have is the wire gauge you are using and then the contact finish (tin or gold)

With the connectors in the link it is actually very easy to terminate them. They are called IDC connectors that do not require any special tools. All you have to do is press the wire into the back of the contacts and then press the contacts into the housing itself and that’s it.

There are quite a few instructional videos out there -