How to install round switches with a keyway in it

The keyway has a hole in the top of it. And a hole on the opposite side. Must be a purpose of the holes but I would be guessing. Round switches seem to all have the same design. Yet they didn’t explain what how it works. RA1-1F-DC-2-B-5 one of many switches with the keyway and holes.

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Are you referring to the holes on each side of the body? I believe they are there to hold the pin about which the rocker switch rocks. (Image below is of a different switch, but same general structure.)


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I believe you are referring to the slot, aka keyway/hole for panel mounting. if so, this is to assure mounting orientation is same each time, and to stabilize after mounting. I wanted to let you know, also that I have sent your question to our Product Specialist and will let you know as soon as I have his reply.

Yeah thanks for all your help. I didn’t get an email so I didn’t know someone had responded. Next time I will watch for a reply.

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