I am searching for an enclosure like this

I am trying to make a handheld remote using an enclosure like this one…

Has anyone seen anthing like this?


Hi Andy,

Thank you for reaching out.

We have some pre-cut switch enclosures like the following example, Digi-Key PN: 1885-1399-ND

What you’re looking for is commonly refered to in industrial controls as a pendant, but in our system something similar that you would need to cut holes for yourself would be called a Hand Held Enclosure and then on the end for the cable you’d use a cable gland, bushing or strain relief to keep the cable from yanking out or getting cut on the enclosure wall you drilled.

Click here for Hand Held enclosures

Click here for Bushing/Strain reliefs

Click here for Cable Gland/Cord Grips/Strain Reliefs

If you have some specific size needs let us know and we can drill it down further to some options for enclosures.

Thanks again and regards.

Thanks for the info. I have used some Hammond cases / handhelds in the past for my projects but the size and shape of the Trap remote enclosure is just perfect. I will do some more looking, surely they are out there somewhere. Promatic traps also has these handheld devices. https://promaticpartsusa.com/images/1490632757087-1958490462.jpeg


We do carry some handheld enclosures that may be roughly the same size, if you are interested. They would need to be modified to fit buttons, cables, or antennas.
Some from Bopla enclosures: https://www.digikey.com/short/z5q4cw
Some from Bud Industires: https://www.digikey.com/short/z5q4t8

Reid L

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