I need a rotary encoder or replacement


I am looking for a rrv16b24104g rotary encoder (or suitable replacement). What will work?

Any help will be greatly appreciated


I am not seeing that we carry that “RRV16B24104G”.
Would you happen to know the specs for that item?

It is a replacement part for the volume knob of a Technics SA-DX950 receiver.
I understand it was made by Panasonic

I found the following on the web:

Gain potentiometer (encoder) - electronic for receiver.3-pin.d6x13mm/M9x6mm,Technics SA-DX950
VR902,encoder switch ALPS ,RRV16B24104G ,3-pin.d6x13mm/M9x6mm for Technics SA-DX950

I couldn’t find data on that part, but it appears to just be a 3-pin rotary encoder. If you find one with the right dimensions, it’ll likely be functional.

Here’s a starting point of ones to look at. They vary in form-factor, number of pulses per revolution, and whether or not they have detents when rotated (you feel bumps as you turn it).

Thank you for your kind help. I will have a look at your link as a starting point.