PCB Part Replacement ID (ONKYO Head Unit Gain Control)

Hello All!

I am working on an ONKYO Audio Receiver and looking for a replacement for this potentiometer. This part is normally used for gain control.

Enclosed are images of the Top, right, and PCB bottom sides.

The markings that I can find are ALPS (alps alpine i assume), MD137707, 734M-20KB – none of which have provided me any
relevant search results.

I appreciate any help with this.


I am not seeing a direct match myself based on the given information.
I am thinking that it is an encoder with a on/off switch on the back.
I am not certain that these come as shown.
Without knowing the specs of the encoder I am not able to narrow the options to make a recommendation. Sorry.

Closest thing Alps seems to offer currently is their RK168 series. Not a vendor carried by DK at present however.

Motor-driven rotary potentiometers were a thing for a while, but have since given way almost entirely to digital volume controls.