I need some help finding what these products are

I am trying to make 2 parallel and 2 series filters for a pair of headphones according to these specifications
HD681.pdf (449.1 KB)

and I am having trouble identifying what exactly I need to make them:

Hi Guubs.

Here’s a list of parts that match what you’ve shown:

470uH (inductor) - 495-75957-1-ND
1uF (capacitor) - 399-9886-1-ND
39Ω (resistor) - 39EBK-ND
56Ω (resistor) - CFR-25JB-52-56R

I chose 1/4W resistors, might be a bit overkill but they should work fine.

thank you, I had met with a rep through the live chat and they recommended these:





Do you think I would be better off with the choices you gave me?

Either will work. They’re pretty basic components and we carry many different ones that would work, it just depends on what each technician finds first. I think you’d be good with either choice.

kinda interested in why the ones you gave would be overkill though sounds nicer

I don’t think the resistors will see 1/4W of power through them, but it’s always nice to have some extra overhead. But the recommendations by the other technician are actually 1/2W, so even bigger. There’s a balance between how much power you expect the resistor to have to handle without burning up, vs the physical size it is. Larger wattage = larger size (usually).

The PDF you have doesn’t actually call out the size needed.

so I should be fine with the ones I listed? sorry btw I am new to soldering and the upgrade I’m sure is simple just want to double-check everything

You should be fine. It’s better when they list what values are actually needed, but for the application all those parts should be well over the ratings needed.

Let us know how it turns out!

definitely will

If you still need these items I have everyone and I will just give them to you. I do not mind. Others have helped me in the past and now I try. Have a good one.
David B