ID an audio pot from the 50’s

Hi, can anyone ID this pot from a 1950’s guitar pedal?
Pot says AB 56147 A-0 5-Meg Type J . Overall size can be smaller. Shaft length can be abut 3/4 inches. Thank you

Hi RayJ,

Might that be an “A-0.5-MEG” marking on the second line? If so, it would be 500K rather than 5M Ohms.

Doing a little digging around on the web, it would appear that it is an old Allen Bradley 2-watt potentiometer. According to this forum, the “A” refers to a type of logarithmic taper, as opposed to a linear taper.

Assuming that the “A” does mean a logarithmic taper and that the value is 500K, then the following are the nearest options that we carry:



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I’ll recheck for the decimal. Thank you very much.