Part identification

only marking is “5K 024M”

For a conveyor.
5K 024M potentiometer 20210622_084942
5K 024M potentiometer - 20210622_084933
5K 024M potentiometer 20210622_084841


I am not able to identify the exact pot that you have there. By the markings it appears to be a 5k and the 024M is really hard to say what that is calling out without identifying the exact part. Often this is a lot/date or series code.

It looks like the wires are fairly small so you would not need a high power. So finding a similar size 5k panel mount pot should not be too hard. Here are some options you could look at as possible replacements.


Hi Robert;
Thanks for looking into it and narrowing the options down.
I think I’ll remove it and refer your listing over to my friend who knows about electronics to figure out which one to use.
Thanks again,

James , Thank you I sorry I could not be further help finding that part.