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I have a liquid level sensor here and am trying to find the Datasheets or info on the ICs used on it.


I do not see a match in our system, so we do not have a datasheet available.
I also could not find anything on the markings on the IC chips.
Sorry I wasn’t able to help with this.


If this is a float type liquid level sensor, then those are likely hall effect switches if digital out, or hall effect sensors if analog out.

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Hi Paul, as far as I know there is a float that goes up and down the tube this is supposed to be in. These tie through into a TLC3702IDR if that helps clarify.


That’s a comparator, so they very likely are hall effect switches. Unfortunately the part numbers do not match any of my searches. They may be second sourced generic versions of an obsolete Allegro “A” series hall switch.

Hello @ByronT

The IC part looks to be an MLX90251 variant. Click on Linear, Compass (ICs) | Magnetic Sensors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey for the options we have.

Here is the snip from the datasheet.

Datasheet -




Oh interesting. It does seem to match that. How did you end up finding that if I might ask? I did not think of leaving the CC off…


Found by searching google “251CC IC Marking”.

Found the marking on link 4 PINS SMD CODE E HALL EFFECT datasheet & application notes - Datasheet Archive

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Its funny, I searched only 251CC IC without the marking part.

Thanks again!

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