Identification of a 68 way cord

Hello everyone, i need to locate a cord, i been using this type of connector in National Instruments systems, but this time, a 15 m long cable is needed.
where i can look for a couple of those. thanks

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well this looks like a SCSI cable. Something like part number AE1430-ND. The link is:

I just do not find anything with this length in our system. I believe that 3M does custom cables. I would check with them as they used to be able to do any length you need. I just do not see anything in our system. Sorry.

The connector style would indeed appear to be a half-pitch d-sub; what the the connections and cabling look like from one side to the other is not apparent however.

Depending on how the cable is being used, a 15m length may not be workable due to signal integrity issues. That would be a thing worth looking into before going to a lot of trouble sourcing an odd cable.