Identification of the Motherboard 3 pin 5V ARGB Connector

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Hi, I am looking to identify the connector that is commonly used in the Computers Industry for controlling 5V ARGB lighting. I am trying to make multiple cables using 3 pin JST PH Female to the unknown connector head.

The connector head has a pitch of 0.1 inch (2.54 mm) and a pin length of around 3.2mm - 3.7mm.
The pin order as follows:

  1. 5V
  2. Data Out
  3. Blank (No pin)
  4. Ground

The connector head does have variations in its shape as seen in the provided pictures. However, the pins still remain the same.

I would like to be provided with the exact part numbers as well as how to make my connector cables look more professional. As of currently, my connectors have been rather stringy and the individual wires do not stay together unlike how the professionally made connectors do.

Thank you for your inquiry.

The connector on your Amazon examples isn’t anything we’re going to have access to. When you see a nice neat strain relief like that that is what they call a custom overmold, where they’re injection molding the connector in house.

Which side of the cable do you need to replicate? If we knew what diameter pins they use we could potentially come up with some options from manufacturers like Mill-Max or Preci-Dip, You’d maybe just have to cut a pin off here or there.

801-13-004-10-007000 Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

380-10-104-00-001000 Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

But it’s most likely just as easy to buy those cables from Amazon if you need those and hack one end off and crimp JST connectors on.

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The female portion is the primary point of interest, since the male-to-male pin adapters are readily available.

I would prefer to avoid destroying / damaging perfectly functional cables.

Just to clarify, I do not exactly need a perfect copy of the overmold. At the very least, I need enough length / gripable area on the connector. I have attempted to solder my own connector using the products you have shared in your post. Due to the lack of size / length of the black plastic portion, they are extremely difficult to work with and are rather fragile.

I would like to have the black plastic portion to be as long as a female 2.54mm pitch dupont connector. Is there an alternate compatible product that supports a crimp-style connection with black housing for the pins?

The pin diameter appears to have a target of 0.5 mm without accounting for manufacturing tolerances / variation.