Identify a SOT-23 transistor marked BF

SOT-23 transistor marked BF.
It is the driver to a S143A FET in a SMPS.
I can only find a SMD marking BF as referring to a 7V5 volt zener.
Any other sources of SMD marking identification?

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We do not have a search feature for top markings. It is a lot of searching on the internet, and checking datasheets. All the top markings seem to be a number and a letter. If the marking is 8F, then it could be a MMBZ5231 transistor. Click here for MMBZ5231BLT3GOSCT-ND which is from ONSemi, or Click here for MMBZ5231B-E3-08GICT-ND which is from Vishay.
Hope this is a match for you.
Thanks again for stopping by.