Identify Quick Connect Epiphone Sheraton Pickups

Replacing pickups in guitar and need to get new quick connects to solder onto the new pickup leads. Here are pictures which is easier for me to describe. I have a couple more photos, but 3 seems to be the limit for new people here.

The closest connectors I found are 2.50mm pitch for the contact spacing. Both have crimp contacts.
The first one is Adam Tech part number 2057-25CH-C-05-ND, which uses the crimp contact 2057-25CTC-RCT-ND. This contact is Tin plated, and for 24-28awg wire.
The other option is TE Connectivity AMP part number A144330-ND, which has many contact options from 22-32awg, and Gold or Tin plating. Click here for the contacts that work with A144330-ND.
Please check the datasheets and drawings to verify compatibility to your connector.

Thanks. I’ll just get a bunch of those and see which ones work best, then update this. It could save a lot of people a headache searching if I get it right. :smiley: And if this forum is searchable via Google.

One other potential match I’m seeing is




Thanks. Will get 10 of those as well. Good experiment if nothing else.

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iambill, let us know how it turns out.