Identify the Connector on a Consumer Halloween Device

Please help me identify the connector used to activate a consumer Halloween device. I’ve attached pictures with measurements.HalloweenDeviceConnector_0456!HalloweenDeviceConnector_0452 HalloweenDeviceConnector_0453

Hello perryoneil, Welcome to the Tech Forum.
Thank you for your question about the connector.
I did take a look at the pictures and I wanted to ask if there are any marking on the backside of it by the flange where the wire come into the connector. Does it say JST or ather letters? It is not fully clear on the dimensions by way of the ruler. Would you happen to know the Pitch of the contacts? That is the Center to Center spacing?
I did look and found a connector that looked really similar and I would like you to look at it. It is from JST and our Digi-Key part number is 455-2266-ND.
The contacts for it are sold separate. They are listed on the web page under associated products.
Contact Options
Pre-Crimped Jumper Wire leads

Please take a look at this and see if it will work for you.
Any Questions let us know.


Apologies for the delay – I think you found it! Thanks!