Identifying a color-coded capacitor

Trying to identify and locate a replacement for a 10nf capacitor shown in the image. Current one reading around 7420pf. Lead shown in diagram of a 100 watt Marshall amplifier to the 4Ohm leg of the output transformer (Dagnall Electronics T307 C3070). This is from location VL1 on the power board on the full schematic. The last two bands on the capacitor have me guessing. The 56k 5% axial 1/4 watt resistor is around 2.30mm x 6.00mm in size. Capacitor is around the same size.

I vaguely remember the brief time when ceramic capacitors that looked like resistors where popular and cheap. The little I remember was that they had color codes that varied between manufacturers so you needed the manufacturers data sheet.

Given the circuit it’s used in, I’d just use any old 10nF ceramic. I’d try to find one with with axial leads to make the assembly look like the old one.

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