In search of relay

I have a 1999 Polaris Sportsman 335. It uses a LR60 solid state relay. There part number for it was 4010164 but it was discontinued. So I’m looking for a replacement for the old one if there is such a thing. It mounts to the chassis via two screws. Its a six wire.

Hello @sledhead

Do you have any pictures of the relay? Also are there any specifications listed on the relay?



@Robert_Fay these are the two that i have let me know if you want to see others.


So it does not look like this is an available part from anyone and that it was specifically made for Polaris. From what I am reading it looks like it controls the temp light and fan on the machine. I can’t find a wiring diagram off hand, but it looks like a number of people have simply wired a switch to operate the fan and bypassed the relay. Their are lots of threads on the if you search the part number 4010164 that may help.

Thanks @Robert_Fay

I’m going to try and get ahold of minks engineering (the company that made it) and see if they can get me a list of specs on it I’ll get back to you if they do.