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I’m new to scheme-it and having trouble to be able to check uncheck the “include in BOM” box.
This would be a very useful feature if I would be to use it, so I’m hoping that I can find an answer here.
I have been able to assign symbols and custom symbols to parts from the catalogue. This gives them a P/N after which I check the “Include in BOM” box. I can not however change the P/N then. It seems weird that I would have to assign a P/N from an existing part in the first place. It feels as I’m missing something.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello @mdevos

There are a couple of different items in your questions. The first is if you are not able to check or un-check the box. By default, if you have not assigned a part number to the specific symbol in your schematic, the box is checked and any information added will be on your BOM. You cannot uncheck this box if the part is not assigned.

Once you have used the catalog assign button in the upper right corner you will have the option to uncheck the box, however, you can only change the DK part number by assigning it to another part. You are not able to unassign the part. If you do need to unassign or change the part number you would need to delete and readd the part.

Please let me know if you still have any questions. We have a number of Scheme-it experts in the building I can get in touch with to help you.

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Hello Robert_Fay

Thank you for the swift response. I have been using Scheme-it for making a schematic of a fibre optic sensing cabinet. I have been able to draw most of the elements in the cabinet by either using “built a symbol” or using the symbol primitives. When I create a symbol, for example an IPC with a LAN and 12 V connection I’m unable to group them together so they move in the same manner. They also show up as different components in the BOM list. (A feature which is very useful for our application).

When I custom create a symbol from scratch, with the symbol builder, I can rotate this symbol and such, but I don’t know if I can color these symbols. I was wondering if there any maybe any more tutorials available?

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Good day MDevos,

As for grouping, take a look at this and let us know if it might meet your needs:

As for the symbol builder, we do not yet offer the ability to color the objects. One ‘work around’ would be to create an image on your PC, up load it with the Image button in the Build a Symbol tool image

Here I made a blue image in Paint and brought it in, tossed a few pins on, and saved it.

Then was able to use it like so:

Thank you for your questions; they help us to hone our Scheme-it tool.

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