Incorrect hole size on OSTTC022162 footprint

The hole size on the footrpint for the OSTTC022162 connector is incorrect. I had a board manufactured with this footprint, and the connector does not fit. I checked the OSTTC022162 datasheet, and it indicates that the hole size should be 1.3 mm, but the hole size on the footprint is only 0.76 mm.

I made a pull request to correct this issue, but I have not gotten any feedback on it: . What can I do to move this forward?

P.S. - I suspect other footprints in the OSTTC022162 family have a similar issue, but I have not checked.


Thank you for the feedback and the pull request. My apologies for the delay in getting this checked into.

We will get this pulled in as soon as possible, and I will check into the rest of the family as well.

Thanks again,
Reid Landsrud
Sr. Applications Engrg Technician
Digi-Key Electronics
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