Inline bridge rectifier cross reference for HER607

I bought a couple DIY preamp kits from a seller on eBay. When I received the kits, one was designed to use 4 single diodes and the other uses an inline bridge rectifier; but they didn’t send the bridge rectifier. I emailed them and they sent an electrical schematic that doesn’t even show that part of the circuit. How do I determine what I need? The diodes that they sent are HER607.

The first image is a picture of the completed board with the single diodes: image

The second picture is the inline bridge rectifier design:

Here’s a snapshot of the data sheet for for the HER607s:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This part is the closest exact match electrically. The height may or may not fit in your amplifier housing.

All the parts in this parametric search should work electrically.
They seem to have a variety of heights ranging from about 14 to 20 mm.

Thank you! This is the exact information that I needed.