IR38064MTRPBF || A340-0585-01 || Reflow Profile

Hi DGK team,

Seeking your help to advise Reflow Profile Recommendation.

Dear customer,
as this standard PMIC is specified with a Moisture Sensitivity level of TWO, the Reflow
Sensitivity Classification for Nonhermetic Surface Mount Devices should be valid and the IPC-JEDEC-J-STD-020E superseding the IPC-JEDEC-J-STD-020C reflow soldering standard can be applied.
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Rolf Horn
Applications Engineer
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Hi weizhe,

Here is a document relating to that package type which you might find useful:

SupIRBuck™ MCM Power Quad Flat No-lead (PQFN) Board Mount Application Note

For the part you are inquiring on, on the manufacturer’s product page, kindly see Infineon’s link for the manufacturer’s package type:

Provides the following link:

The information you’re looking for would be under > Board Assembly Recommendations.

The manufacturer also has a helpful application note on assembly/rework instructions found here: (1.1 MB)