Is my Connector Missing an Accessory?

Customers sometimes have the title’s question in mind once they receive their parts, finding an accessory part that they expected is missing. While the reference photo is helpful in seeing what should come with your part, the better indicator is the Product Attributes table.

In the above screenshot, we see an example of a rectangular connector with an included strain relief. You can see the strain relief in the reference photo. However, if you are unsure whether this is actually included, scroll down to the “Features” line of the Product Attributes table. Why would there be doubt, if it’s in the reference photo? This is because manufacturers sometimes use a single reference photo for many parts, it’s not always a perfect representation of the part you are reviewing. We keep reference photos up to date as best we can, but often we have to rely on the reference photo provided to us for website listings.

Above you can see that the strain relief is listed as an included feature in the highlighted box. So you can be confident that the accessory in the photo is something included with the part.

But, as always, the best source of information on any part is the manufacturer’s datasheet. Normally this is linked in the “Media and Downloads” table up top. If the datasheet link is missing or broken, you can always contact us to help track it down.

If you find out that your connector is missing an accessory that it should have, our customer service team can help get the missing parts out to you, they can be contacted at, over the phone, or on our live chat service.