Need strain relief

I have a generic connector kit from amazon that comes with 2-5 pin connectors. I’ve made a couple of projects with them but have noticed that the wires have slowly started to break. I want to add a strain relief and it would be ideal to not have to completely change out connecters. I have attached pictures of one of the connectors for reference.

Hello Miguel,

Thank you for your inquiry. Would you be looking for something like a semi-rigid heat shrink you could apply to the wires? If so, would you be able to confirm the diameter you would need for them?

Technical reference number T4546001

I have used heat shrink and the problem still persists. Do you have any other recommendations.

In addition to heat shrink, here are some solutions I’ve used in the past:

  • Use epoxy or silicone compound to secure the wires into the connector housing (be careful to not get epoxy inside the contacts)
  • Change to a larger connector with a cable clamping mechanism
  • Use pliers to grab only the housing when pugging/unplugging the connector so that you never stress the wires
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