Korad KD3005D - replacing the fuse

Hi there, I got over excited when my new power supply unit arrived today and I plugged it in straight away. Unfortunately it was set to take 110v rather than the UK 220v and made a brief horrible noise and then silence…

From the flimsy manual it sounds like there’s an internal fuse that can be replaced. But there are no clues as to where the fuse is or how to replace it.

Can you help me?
Many thanks, Mark

Hello mark.stanley - welcome to the Forum community! Here is the link to the product on the manufacturer’s website. Scroll down to the location of the tabs for more information. Click on the tab “Technical Data” for the link to the instruction manual.

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Phew, found it.
In case anyone else makes the same mistake:
It wasn’t obvious to my 50 year old eyes, but the fuse is at the bottom of the power socket behind a bit of black plastic. You need a small flat-head screwdriver to lever it out. In good news, there is a spare fuse right next to the burnt-out one so you can just swap it over and hopefully forget it ever happened!

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