according to this product’s data sheet, we need the p2/p2r option with the DC opening measuring 2.5mm. since there are several options that this part can have, how do i know i am getting the P2 option? Please help. Thank you!

2622-EDP65-12-MB1-100-ND we have

we do not carry part KTPS65-1250DT-3P-VI-C-P2 we can order them, however minimum is 40 parts

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The output connector is specified in the Mfr P/N. As mentioned, the -P2 or -P2R (right angle) variants are not currently stocked items, but should be available as non-catalog items subject to minimum order quantity.

Alternatively, we do stock a variety of products with similar specifications, which can be found here.

Thanks Robert! I will order the 2622-EDP65-12-MB1-100-ND. I greatly appreciate everyone’s help!

Hi supplychainordering,

Here are some similar products we have in stock now with the correct 2.5mm plug, 5A or greater output, and same IEC 320-C14 input connector.