Kvm ps/2 cable for 1” clearance

Hi I need a kvm ps/2 cable preferably vga and usb at the server side but my rack only has about 2.5 cm clearance behind the kvm console with display (Tripp lite 021-000-19-sh)

I was wondering if I could use a ribbon cable as an alternative and build it from components you have. Looking at some of the picks for Cha this seems like it could work. Would that achieve what I’m looking for? If not, any other suggestions besides buying a cabinet extender)?

Thank you

HI Envirogreen,

You could consider right angle cables and adapters:
(This one needs 32mm clearance, so won’t match to your spec, but just giving an idea)

For the USB, could use an adapter
Edit: Oops, you may actually need the USB type B plug.

Assembling your own VGA cable using a flat cable may create EMI issues (inadequate shielding) and blur (impedance mismatch).


Thank you for the 99 degree idea didn’t know these existed!

DTECH 90 Degree VGA Right Angle Adapter VGA to VGA Connector Male to Female 15 Pin Port Extension Converter Coupler https://a.co/d/dm2OnPp


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I’m back the tech doesn’t work as it’s pin out is completely different the. The kvm which include mouse and keyboard in addition to vga (15 pin)

I’ve searched for 90 degree kvm adaptors and 90 degree kvm cables. No luck

Any idea if these exist?

I do not see a 90 degree adapter cable for the KVM type, in our system.

Responding in case someone else is looking for the solution. The dtech 99 degree adapter mentioned above did solve the problem perfectly (user error that it didn’t seem to initally)

Thank you for your help

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