L3 Narda Miteq Pin Diode Switch

This post is to talk about the Pin Diode Switches from L3 Narda Miteq.

Digi-Key currently has several of these that can be offered; however, L3 has many more that can be quoted through Digi-Key.

A tool on the L3 Narda Miteq website will help to find the appropriate Pin Diode Switch. Simply head over to this page: PIN Diode Switches: 80 MHz to 44 GHz - Narda-MITEQ

It is not necessary to fill in all of the parameters, only fill in what you know and it will search through their system to give a list of applicable part numbers. If the part is not on the Digi-Key website, it can be quoted. Just send the email to quotes@digikey.com