Missing Pinout Diagrams and Other Documentation

Have you ever come across a particular datasheet for any part that seems to be missing the information necessary to figure out what pins tie to what? There are several parts on our site that have datasheets that don’t mention this detail. Here is one example: Digi-Key part number CKN11976CT-ND; KSC421G 70SH LFS PF
has the following datasheet, but is missing any information as to what orientation the pins should have for soldering and no indication as to which pins are acting as one side of the switch. However, there is a second datasheet not currently linked on our site that I found: https://www.ckswitches.com/media/1459/ksc.pdf. This ties to the whole series. I was able to find this by going to C&K’s website and searching for the manufacturer’s part number with their part search.

In general, for most manufacturers, you can do the same thing: take the manufacturer part number and use their part search. The detail page for those particular parts almost always has way more information provided than what we have. We do want to provide as much information as possible; if you believe a piece of documentation should be included in the public links, feel free to leave feedback or contact us at Applications.Engineering@digikey.com and we will try to locate the documentation you require. You can also ask on the forum here.