Laptop AC adapter question

I’ve had a laptop for 4 years now and I’ve recently started having a problem with it being when it is on high loads for extended periods of time, mostly gaming related with the AC adapter connected it suddenly stops charging.

After some research I assume the power supply either broke or something is wrong with the battery, not being savy enough I could be completely wrong and I’d like to have some pointers before trying stuff out, I’m still using the factory AC adapter that came with it and I was thinking about getting a new one from a store and see if it helps, also if I would do that do I need to get the exact same model/manufacturer or just keep the same input/output and voltage/wattage?

Careful, most of the big OEM’s actually have a authentication scheme on the power interface. Thus you just can’t get something with the same power specifications. In the past I’ve seen windows pop-up’s saying this ‘charger’ not valid and running on low wattage warning…

Thus this forces you to search for manufacture ‘compatible’ adapters, which are a little cheaper then OEM’s.

In the mean time, one thing i would try. Try removing your laptop’s battery when “gaming” this will help take some of the load of the AC adapter when your laptop is pulling power.


Appreciated the response, I took the charger to a local repair shop and they found a replacement of the same manufacturer that seems to be working fine.

I had tried that said suggestion but instead of stopping to charge the computer just immediately shuts down.

Glad you got it working.

That’s a little scary for your data, if the computer wants to shutdown when the battery is removed. What happens to your data when the battery goes completely out…


I haven’t had any data problems so far, what I got told is that the OEM AC adapter just failed over time and had a faulting connector to the laptop, hopefully the replacement is good enough.