LE58QL021 is going EOL, need replacement

The LE58QL021 is a 4 channel CODEC used for telecommunications systems. I need to find a replacement for this, since it is going EOL.

What we need - 4 simultaneous channels of audio in & out.
We also use the GPIO pins on the LE58, so will need something to replace them as well.

Ideally, 1 IC for space and lower parts count / cost, but CODECS with 2 or 1 channel that can daisy chain off the microprocessor port would work also.

A future product we are looking at developing would have 8 CODEC channels.


I do not see any direct or a good similar alternative at this time. so for now you may need to ,
check these out QL 03 and others

From talking to the tech support at Microchip, the entire QLSLAC family is going EOL.

We are planning a last time buy for the part we use now.

I did not expect to find anything drop in.

We need to re design the circuit for a CODEC that is an active part, that isn’t going to EOL on us in a few years.

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Dtief190, I didn’t find many chips similar in function to the LE58QL021 chip.
Click here for possible alternates.
Sorry we didn’t have any better options.

I found one that we will look into -


Digi-Key Part Number



Cirrus Logic Inc.

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